Sri Lankan Blessing: Coolest Things to do in Colombo in Day Time

05/08/2014 11:33
  We would like to give our followers a unique opportunity to visit Colombo virtually with us while reading this personalized blog. We have for all a tastefully compiled list of best and coolest things to do in Colombo in day time in different ways to get the real essence of Colombo...

4 Things to See/Do in Lahore You Must Not Miss

31/07/2014 10:44
For those who are travelling to Pakistan for the first time, head straight to the heart of the country, Lahore. The capital and cultural hub of Pakistan can be very comfortably accessed by flights from London to Lahore to gaze at the Islamic marvel city. Here goes my recommendation on the best...

Enjoy the Different Aspects of Johannesburg Holidays

08/07/2014 13:12
Johannesburg is a well-known travel destination in South Africa. Though it is not quite popular with travelers on holidays, the fact is that it can offer you many multiple ways to have some memorable moments of your life. The city is filled with attractions, ranging from history to wildlife, to...

The Surprising Elements of Karachi Holidays

30/06/2014 15:05
Karachi is generally not regarded as a great travel destination. However, it has many things that can make it ideal for a thrilling vacation experience. As the business capital of the country, it can easily be regarded as the heart of Pakistan. The scintillating city has myriads of attractions...

Must-See: Top-3 Tourist Places in Melbourne

27/06/2014 10:48
Melbourne, state capital of Victoria situated on the southernmost continent. As the 2nd largest city of Australia, Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture, rocking night life, fine restaurants and café. Located on the Yarra River and inland via Port Philip Bay, there is so much to do and see...

Ways to Make Manila Holidays an Unforgettable Experience

23/06/2014 09:57
There can be a number of ways to make Manila holidays an unforgettable experience. It is a pulsating metropolitan city, serving as the capital of the Philippines, offering gateways to many natural wonders located in the country. The city with its bounty of natural and man-made attractions is...
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