Enjoy the Different Aspects of Johannesburg Holidays

08/07/2014 13:12
Johannesburg is a well-known travel destination in South Africa. Though it is not quite popular with travelers on holidays, the fact is that it can offer you many multiple ways to have some memorable moments of your life. The city is filled with attractions, ranging from history to wildlife, to entertainment, to adventure. It would indeed be a great experience to take a tour of the city that encompasses a large CBD and smaller urban centers, edged by leafy suburbs.
Travelers on Johannesburg holidays can enjoy world-class infrastructure, marvelous architecture of Victorian and Edwardian era, a pulsating shopping scene, numerous other attractions and an enthralling nightlife. Moreover, travelers taking flights to Johannesburg will find everything from art galleries to bustling bars. So you are likely to have something that you are so passionate about. Visitors can indeed find here everything that makes this city a fascinating holiday destination.
Here is how you can enjoy the different aspects of Johannesburg holidays:-
  • History: Check with the unique Apartheid Museum to get insight into South African history. It is a msut-see attraction for history buffs as it portrays the detailed history of the country, including the infamous Apartheid era. The museum enlightens travelers on Johannesburg holidays with its numerous exhibits that are evocative of the plight and suffering of the local populace during Apartheid.
  • Adventure: Kruger National Park, a well-known travel destination located very close to Joburg, can serve as a fantastic destination for adventure seekers. The park boasts of a very high concentration of wildlife species that live in their own environments. Travelers taking last minute flights to Johannesburg should not miss to visit Kruger National Park, which is famous as the largest game reserve in South Africa.  It is home to animals like cheetahs, leopards, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, wildebeest, giraffes and elephants.
Kruger National Park
  • Entertainment: Gold Reef City Theme Park is the best destination to have some fun moments with family. It is actually built on a real gold mine and part of it has been modeled after an old mining village. It offers a unique combination of history and entertainment. Moreover, adult visitors can also add one more angle as the park also features an exhilarating casino complex. However, if you are on Johannesburg holidays with family, you will like to take you kids to various rides, games and fun places found within Gold Reef City.
Gold Reef City Theme Park
  • Leisure: If you love nature and want a fabulous place to escape, then Johannesburg Botanic Gardens would be the best place to do so. The park, spread in 365 acres of hillside, is one of the most tranquil spots in the city with thousands of trees and countless varieties of roses and other flowers. Besides, visitors can also find here excellent collections of traditional medicinal herbs, cosmetic herbs, indigenous trees and succulents and plants used for culinary purposes. An evening stroll in the pleasant ambience of the park can be a great idea to enjoy holidays in Johannesburg.
Johannesburg Botanic Garden
  • Wildlife: Families with kids will surely check out the exhibits at Johannesburg Zoo, which is home to over two thousand animals, including white lions, polar bears, elephants, chimpanzees, hippos and gorillas. Book cheap flights to Johannesburg from London with the help of Hoodaki.com and enjoy your holidays with family.
Johannesburg Zoo