Must-See: Top-3 Tourist Places in Melbourne

27/06/2014 10:48
Melbourne, state capital of Victoria situated on the southernmost continent. As the 2nd largest city of Australia, Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture, rocking night life, fine restaurants and café. Located on the Yarra River and inland via Port Philip Bay, there is so much to do and see in Melbourne.
Every year, millions of travelers take flights from London to spend a holiday in Melbourne. Really it is definitely a city worth exploring – it is Australia’s sporting hub, events capital, and cultural heartland, boasts of amazing theaters, restaurants, nightlife and music.
Peel off the layers to unveil a city that is regularly on the move – from the continuous rollcall of international events to the ever-changing bar scene.
Following are the top-3 tourist places in Melbourne:-
Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium
The Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium was opened in Jan 2000 and is presently host to around 30-exhibits and offering a home to 3,000 animals. It is situated on the corner of Flinders and King Streets overpasses the Yarra River. It has a stunning view directly across to the incredible Crown Casino and to the East, up-river, towards Southgate.
The tour to the Aquarium starts with the Antarctica exhibition, an exhibit of a gamut of penguins swimming, watching you watch them, socializing and frolicking. You will then follow a nomadic path that passes further Experiences, of what the Melbourne Aquarium has recognized as, River to Reef, Weird and Wonderful and finishing with Sharks Alive.
Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium
Visitors who want to try something different and adventurous can try the Shark Walker experience or Dive along with Sharks, both of which are done in the main tank. The Aquarium experiences around 55,000 visitors per month with majority of them viewing the Fish Bowl and The Antarctica exhibits.
The Arts Centre
Another extremely popular tourist place in Melbourne is the Art Theatre. Many travelers board flights from London to Melbourne, especially to explore the Arts Centre, at the beginning of the St Kilda Road Boulevard, is main arts, theatre and music complex in Melbourne. There are 2-significant buildings on the left as you leave the Flinders Street Station and walk across the Swanston Street Bridge. The buildings are located alongside the Southbank and Yarra River.
The Arts Centre Spire Melbourne
You cannot afford to miss the complex as one of the buildings features a spire that towers 162-meters and is lit up at night. Located in the building underneath the towers are 3-theaters: Playbox Theatre, the George Fairfax Studio and State Theatre. In the 2nd building is located the Hamer Hall (formerly known as the Melbourne Concert Hall). There are cafeterias at both the places.
A full listing of concerts and plays at the complex can be found on the website of Arts Centre (website: the Arts Centre). 
Windsor Hotel
The hotel is certainly something of a landmark in Melbourne and it is the only remaining grand hotel in Australia, and thus, it is classified by the National Trust. A multi-million dollar restoration program, while upgrading hotel amenities, has made sure that the Victorian opulence and grandeur of the amazing hotel has been retained.
Windsor Hotel
Visitors can inspect the Grand ballroom, wrought-iron suitcase and ornate foyer. Try to visit the hotel at mid-afternoon, as the afternoon teas at Windsor are very famous. From time to time, Windsor hotel hosts an “Ice Cream Indulgence Afternoon Tea”, with an assortment of jam & cream, finger sandwiches and scones served on a silver 3-tiered cake stand. In case you indulge in this temptation, do not plan for a big dinner.
So, these were the top-3 tourist places in Melbourne, Australia. The city has appealing tourist attractions and sights, and is undeniably an interesting part of Australia that lends itself to a family holiday.
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