Cheap Flights with Hoodaki

If you ask us for the single most important reason why we should be taken differently from the others in the industry, then it must be the price we are able to offer. You may wonder why it is easy for us to offer the lowest airfares and cheapest flight deals in the industry. This is primarily because of our associations with over 50 international airlines.

Airlines Trust Hoodaki

Hoodaki serves as consolidators for more than 50 international airlines. This means we have achieved preferred partner status with these carriers. This also allows us to gain exclusive access to their special fares and discount offers for all classes of journey. While budget-minded passengers can book affordable flights in economy or premium economy class, the luxury-seeking travelers can fly in their preferred class – business or first – at the most reasonable prices.

Hoodaki Completes Ten Years in The Industry

Hoodaki is 10 Years old now. This means our agents are more knowledgeable and experienced now than they were when started their careers in the industry. This also entails that we are now more comfortable in offering a price that you can easily afford. Our clients now have more reasons to rely on us when they need to fly in emergency or are in need to cheap flights. The agents at Hoodaki can easily maneuver to obtain benefits for their clients.