Attractions that Raise Demands for Tickets to Beijing

Beijing the capital of China offers a contrasting blend of old and new. From scenic venues to historical sites, this all time favorite tourist destination attracts millions of travelers every year from near and distant corners. Before calling Hoodaki Travel to grab your tickets for Beijing, take a look at the top attractions that have raised the demands for cheap flights tickets to Beijing.

Great Wall of China 

The first stop after you de-board your flights to Beijing and get set to enjoy the sites in the city is - Great Wall of China. This spectacular wall is a site to behold spanning 6, 000 kilometres in China. The construction of the wall began in 7th and 6th century BC and the last work was done on the wall between 14 and 17 century.

Forbidden City

This royal palace in the heart of the city has housed 24 Chinese kings over the period of 491 years between 1420 - 1911. Now the place is referred to as Palace Museum and is opened for the visitors. So much is the popularity of this place that government reports say that this imperial palace receives over seven million tourists per year. Every corner of this amazing venue is worth the value of money invested on cheap flights and tickets to Beijing.

Summer Palace 

Located in the North Western part of the city, fifteen kilometers away from the centre of Beijing, it is the largest and the most well preserved beautiful park in China. This masterpiece landscaped garden boasts of huge lake, hills, bridges, towers, and corridors etc. It is a must visit place for every traveler buying tickets for Beijing from Hoodaki, a trusted travel company known for its outstanding services in providing tour packages, flights tickets and hotels bookings in destinations across the world.

Temple of Heaven

This is another awe-inspiring attraction of China to visit for which you got to contact Hoodaki Travel and book your flights tickets to Beijing. Temple of Heaven is a place where the kings of Ming and Qing Dynasty held the heaven worship ceremony annually for good harvest and for the overall health of the empire.  The temple complex covers an area of 273 hectares of land, and is the largest ritual complex in the world.

Tiananmen Square

It is a fourth largest city square in the world having a great cultural significance. The huge courtyard is surrounded by various important edifices that include Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, and National Museum etc. It is a must visit place for culture lovers.