La Sagrada Familia Church Raise Demands for Barcelona Flights

Barcelona in Spain is a much renowned tourist destination receiving millions of visitors whole year round. Apart from the lovely weather, outstanding architecture and amazing mountains and beaches, the city has hordes of marvelous attractions that have won the hearts of visitors.
The most popular site that tops the itinerary of every holidaymaker is La Sagrada Familia Church. So much is the popularity of this destination that great numbers of travelers contact Hoodaki Travel to book flights to Barcelona, for checking out this stupendous attraction that is visited by millions of tourists every year. To know more about the La Sagrada Familia Church, read the article below! 

A Brief info on this Renowned Church

The most interesting fact about this amazing feat of architecture is that it is still under construction. The work on this grand church began on March 19, 1882. This grandiose structure is expected to be completed by 2026, on the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death (architect of this prominent monument) in 1926. La Sagrada Familia is revered by the world of architecture, and is viewed as one of the most original and contemporary buildings.
The church has caught the fancy of people all across the world, and is the most outstanding landmark of Barcelona that definitely adds immense value to the tourism of the city, raising demands for cheap flights and holidays in Barcelona.
Another amazing fact about this church is that it is completely made on donations from the outset. Once the church gets completed, it will be having 18 towers; 12 dedicated to the apostles, 4 to the evangelists, one to Jesus and another to Mary.
Initially when the work on this magnificent church commenced, laborers, architects and brick layers worked upon it in a traditional manner. But when Antoni Gaudi (renowned Catalan architect) took over he started employing all the modern techniques. Today the work on the church is being carried on, on the original idea of Gaudi, thus employing the latest techniques for the best outcome.
This masterpiece of architecture is a most sought after site of Barcelona that should be the first sightseeing venue after disembarking from Barcelona Flights.
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