Manila the emerging tourist spot of south-Asia

13/08/2015 13:59
Day by day, number of people booking Flights to Manila is increasing- if you compare the group of the tourists visited to hear of the last five years then you will see an exponential graph. On an average, there is 20 percentage of increase in the graph of the city. The credit for this success goes to the government of Philippine who is taking Manila tourism more seriously than ever. The recent launched Philippine Development Plan takes tourism a major aspect. The history of Manila dates back to 900 AD and from the time of its emergence, Manila has been always the point of interest of the nearby region. In the beginning Mughals acquired it which is again followed by Chinese and afterwards British. But during all this annexation, no major damage was made to the property and heritage of the place. The blackest day in the history of Manila arrives in 19 centuries during the Second World War. During this time most of the valuable heritage Manila is exploited and destroyed.  After that number of people visiting Manila for the purpose of tourism reduced rapidly. But slowly and steadily life of Manila came on the track and tourist started showing interest in the city too. The government had launched multiple projects under which multiple projects have launched to upgrade the airlines and airport services. As a result, it becomes easier for the visitors to book cheap flights to Manila from London at any point of time. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the largest airport of the country and subsequently helping thousands of visitors to settle down the city from the different corner of the world. At present Manila welcome on an average more than 10 million visitors throughout the year. 
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