Lahore Holidays – Tips for Sightseeing

16/09/2014 14:05
Lahore has been in existence since ages that has helped it evolved into a charming city. Nothing can beat the charm of a city that is regarded as one of the oldest in Pakistan. Several dynasties and kingdoms have ruled the city, adding more and more attractions to its beautiful landscape. First time travelers will definitely find the city more than they might have expected. The exotic charm of its yesteryears combine well with the liveliness of modern era, resulting into a culture that is welcoming and embracing to anybody who choose to come here on holidays.
Lahore (Image Source: wikipedia)
If you think you have so much to explore in Lahore as soon as you get off the aircraft, you are probably right. The city has a thrilling array of magnificent landmarks that tell a lot about the history of city as well. Those who are on a short trip consisting of one or two days will probably not get enough of every highlight that the city proudly manifests. The loads of attractions are a major reason why people should consider Lahore holidays quite seriously.
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Here are some of the most important tips for sightseeing if you are on your way for Lahore holidays for the first time:-
  • The Walled City: Built by the Mughal rulers, the walled city of Lahore used to have 13 gates, only a few have now been survived. The city contains a number of historical and architecturally significant landmarks. Chief among them are Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque. Akbar is said to have constructed the structure that we present see as Lahore Fort although it existed since antiquity. Badshahi Mosque is the best example of Mughal architecture and is placed among the list of world’s largest mosques.
Lahore Fort
Lahore Fort (Image Source: wikipedia)

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque (Image Source: wikipedia)

Wazir Khan Mosque

 Wazir Khan Mosque (Image Source: wikipedia)

  • Colonial Landmarks: There are a number of structures that were built during the British Raj. Some of these have survived till date as glaring examples of colonial architecture. Lahore Museum built during the British Raj enchants visitors for the impressive building as well as the things that it houses. History lovers will enjoy a tour of this museum. Lahore Zoo is another interesting site that came into existence during the British period, but still remains a major attraction for tourists with family on Lahore holidays. Aitcheson College and Government College are other spectacular examples of colonial architecture. Moreover, British have also built Lahore Railway Station and Mall Road, the famous shopping area.
Lahore Museum
 Lahore Museum (Image Source: wikipedia)

Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo (Image Source: wikipedia)

Aitcheson College

Aitcheson College (Image Source: wikipedia)

Government College lahore

Government College (Image Source: wikipedia)

Lahore Railway Station

 Lahore Railway Station (Image Source: wikipedia)

Mall Road Lahore

 Mall Road (Image Source: wikipedia)

  • Other Attractions: Travelers one Lahore holidays and traveling with cheap tickets will surely not want to miss Minar-e-Pakistan that commemorates the idea of a nation separated from India. Another famous tourist attraction is National College of Arts, which is a hit with tourists with an artistic bent of mind.
Minar-e-Pakistan (Image Source: wikipedia)
National College of Arts
National College of Arts (Image Source: wikipedia)