Chennai Holidays - Visit a Family-Friendly Destination in India

04/09/2014 15:01

Planning to visit India with family? Choose Chennai, the most visited city in India by foreign tourists. If you wonder what makes it so popular with the international travelers, then you are not likely to believe in the fact that it is home to the world’s second longest urban beach. Moreover, you will be overwhelmed to hear that it is also the place where one of the Apostles of Jesus was martyred almost two millennia ago. You can find an array of churches and several other similar attractions.

Chennai is often referred to as the “Detroit of India” because of the numerous car majors having their headquarters and manufacturing units based in and around the city. Moreover, it is also one of the earliest IT hubs in India. Besides, the city has traditionally been a center of South India, preserving its distinguished cultural heritage and numerous historical landmarks. There can be a number of colonial landmarks also to see in Chennai. In all, you are going to have a good vacation experience in this cultural hub of India.

Hoodaki can help you become happier. You will really appreciate the value of saved money with cheap flights to Chennai. Hoodaki can help you fly more affordably, thus helping save a great deal of money, which you can spend to visit more places, see more attractions and do more things. You can keep your children smiling with frequent visits to interesting theme parks and other fun attractions. Chennai has a good array of kid-friendly attractions and fun places that you should not miss not matter what they cost.

Here are some of the things that you can do together with your family in Chennai.

  • Seek Spiritual Blessings at a Local Temple: Whether you believe in God or not, you will certainly like to visit a temple in Chennai. The temples here are lavishly decorated and feature unique architectural styles. Among the most popular temple with travelers taking direct flights to Chennai is Kapaleeswarar Temple. It is the largest structure of its kind in the city and is also an excellent example of Dravidian architecture. Another great temple is Sri Parthasarathi Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and came into existence in the eighth century.

  • Have Fun at a Kid-friendly Location: As the name suggests, Children’s Park is a popular kid-friendly destination, attracting kids for the variety of things that they can do here. It is a nice place for the entire family as parents can have a rest while keeping an eye on the children playing near them. Besides running, skipping, hopping and indulging in many of the sports activities that are possible here, children can also visit the Snake Park situated within the park premises.

  • Go Enriching Knowledge: Visiting museums will greatly enhance your understanding of the local history and culture. Children are fast learners and they are the quickest to observe things. Give them an opportunity to learn an exotic culture with cheap flights to Chennai from UK. The Government Museum and Natural Art Gallery are two popular places to go with family in the city.